What's New

Check back here periodically to discover what's new in PBS LearningMedia.  Each month we will be adding new functionality, cosmetic enhancements and general improvements to the tool.  Bookmark this page and stay up to date with all the latest in PBS LearningMedia

April 2014

  • - Video length display on search result thumbnails.  Easily view the length of videos without having to open each video page.

January 2014

  • - Customizable closed captions. Customize your closed captioning experience by choosing font style, size, and color, background color and opacity. Learn more

December 2013

  • - Improvedsearch results layout. Results are presented as informative snippets categorized by grade range, service level, and media type and are arranged on the page to provide the maximum number of results.
  • - Display images option.  Choose whether or not to display images in your search results.  Images can sometimes distract from the text so often users prefer a text-only layout.  This is possible by simply clicking the checkbox next to "Turn images off" at the top of each search results page.
  • - Filter retention.  Each filter used is retained each time a new filter is chosen.  Your final results are the culmination of all filters selected. Learn more about filters

June 2013

  • - Search results sorting.  Choose from six different sorting options: A-Z, Z-A, Newest, Oldest, Most Viewed, and Most Favorited.  Learn more
  • - Filter by grade level.  Refine your search results by clicking the checkbox next to each grade level listed in the Grade filters on the left side of the screen.
  • - Social sharing is here! Social sharing allows you to share PBS LearningMedia content across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Learn more
  • - Total search results displayed.  The total number of results in a keyword search appears at the top of the search results page.
  • - Class pages have changed to “shareable folders.” With shareable folders, teachers have increased capability to share resources with colleagues and students. Additionally, teachers can organize favorite resources in “private” folders. Learn more about Shareable folders
  • - Entire resource pages are shareable.  Teachers can share entire resource pages with colleagues or students.
  • - More standards are mapped. Mapping of Common Core State Standards and national standards continue to expand across the entire content collection.
  • - Resources with cleared rights are available for downloading. A large percentage of the entire library is available for downloading.  This functionality is based on content rights.  View Terms of Use