• Peg + Cat “Numbers” sub-topic collection

    The Peg + Cat on-air series and online resources provide many opportunities for educators to introduce or reinforce early math concepts.

  • Cyberchase Interactive

    In this "Cyberchase" interactive game, the player is given three numbers between 1 and 9 to go into their machine. The challenge is to make a number that is larger than the number Hacker has on his machine.

  • Math at the Core

    Following a profile of Elton Brand, an accomplished basketball player who uses math in his work, students are presented with a mathematical basketball challenge.

Algebra and Algebraic Thinking

  • Fizzy’s Lunch Lab interactive

    In this Fizzy's Lunch Lab interactive, students use math to complete Corporal Cup's challenges that involve sorting, counting, and measuring.

  • Cyberchase Lesson Plan

    In this Cyberchase activity, students are introduced to two-column representations of algebraic relations by recording data from a video clip, in which two staircases ascend at different rates.

  • Math in Video Games

    After watching a video about Julia Detar, who uses algebra to develop online games, students must use algebraic reasoning to complete videogame challenges involving spaceships and submarines.


  • Sid the Science Kid Interactive

    This interactive games allows students to experiment with creating shadow shapes which match a picture on a card.

  • Cyberchase (Dunk Tank) Interactive

    An interactive game to explore key concepts about area of squares, rectangles and composite shapes -- including measuring with unit squares and the formula A = L x W.

  • School Yourself Interactive

    Learn why adding up the three angles in any triangle always leads to the same answer with this interactive video from the School Yourself Geometry series.

Statistics and Probability

  • Ready to take your statistics lesson beyond flipping a coin or rolling a die? We have self-paced lessons and infographics that put probability in real-world contexts. Explore grade-specific teaching resources below, or use the interdisciplinary resources from WGBH, WNET, and KQED to take statistics to the next level through literacy connections and activities.

  • Fish Population Sampling: Self-Paced Lesson

    Students watch videos and complete interactive activities to learn how the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota measure the abundance of various fish in their lake and how they interpret the data.

  • WNET Lesson Plan

    Using clips from THE ASCENT OF MONEY, students will be introduced to the concepts of companies and the stock market.

Measurement and Data

  • Bring the math of measurement to life for your students with our interactives and hands-on activities. Explore grade-specific exercises below, or jump right into a collection from Cyberchase, an interactive from Dinosaur Train, or a video from Curious George.

  • Dinosaur Train Interactive

    In this Dinosaur Train game, students estimate the length of various dinosaurs using sharks and other animals as non-standard units of measurement.

  • Curious George Video: Measure UP

    Problem solve about how to measure a building with Curious George. This video focuses on different ways to measure a large object using standard and nonstandard units.